Specialist in “needle punch”

Tex.Box mixes fabrics in ways that no one would have seen before. To take a few examples, an extra light denim hybrid with organza, polyester with a warm feel, and a checked design that is woven with lace. These are all made by a “needle punch” loom, a special machine with hundreds of short needles on the board to interweave different textile layers. It is more commonly used for utility unwovens such as felt or carpet, rather than for apparel fabric. Tex.Box is one of the best known specialists for this process. The owner, Sawa Toshikazu, fell in love with needle punch technology, and set up this business 15 years ago. Ever since, the company has supplied many prestigious brands with an unlimited variety of fabrics. The great flexibility of needle punch means that a sample piece can be available on the spot.

Add. 2-10-3 Shinshuku Kiryu City Gunma JAPAN
Tel&Fax. +81-277-43-5550
Email. texbox-sawa@if-n.ne.jp


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