Top maker in “feather jacquard”

A well-established manufacturer with a hundred years’ heritage. The company is led by the 5th generation Kaneko Akihiro, who has a textile design degree from Rhode Island School of Design. AOI is prominent in “feather clipping” technology – a kind of fil-coupé jacquard. Floated warp yarns are clipped to make a feather-like fringe effect. The company developed its own special machine that enabled it to produce feather clipped jacquards constantly and in large quantities, which was listed as a notable innovation by the local Gunma prefecture. It keeps its high standards and originality through clipping technology that no other manufacturer can match.The main products remain women’s dressmaking fabrics, although AOI also has a successful furnishing line. Its clients include prestigious textile brand Jack Lenor Larsen (USA). One of AOI’s curtain fabrics was collected permanently by MoMA (New York). The company has also entered the cosmetics market with beauty products made of silk.

Aoi Co.,Ltd
Add. 2-6-13 Higashihisakata-cho Kiryu City Gunma JAPAN
Tel. +81-277-45-2165 Fax. +81-277-45-2169


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