High quality woven wool and fil-coupé jacquard

The company is led by the president, executive managing director and managing director/chief designer. They are three brothers of the Mita family. Mitasho is one of the largest producers in Kiryu. It is the first in the city to have purchased a German Dornier machine. The high-spec machine manages 12 weft yarns and variable density at a time, greatly helping to diversify Mitasho’s product range as well as fully promoting its design potential. Mitasho is motivated to engage with young Asian designers, as shown in the joint project with Viviano Su for Shanghai Fashion Week in 2019. As well as fil-coupé jacquard, Mitasho is excellent in processing woven wool, which was listed as a notable innovation by the local Gunma prefecture. Processes such as washing wool fabric into raised patterns, or crinkling it into the shape of garment, can be achieved by no other maker. The fact that the MoMA (New York) museum shop has stocked their multi-layered wool blanket since 2000 reflects the high-quality design of the company’s products.

Add. 1-273-3 Aioi-cho Kiryu City Gunma JAPAN
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