C of H

C of H

Smooth, ascetic and elegant jacquards

You might think C of H’s fabrics are dobby, but they are actually jacquard. The understated yet elegant design in a subtle color palette defines the appeal of the company. The founding owner, HasegawaTakeshi, is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College (Tokyo), who aspired to be fashion designer.
It was a project with apparel brand Jurgen Lehl that changed his course. Through the brand’s very high expectations of fabrics, Hasegawa was struck with the creative possibilities of the textiles themselves, which in turn ignited his own creative mind. In short 7 years since setting up his own company, Hasegawa has been leading ambitious projects including a collaboration with wool weavers from Bishu in Aichi. The designer owner is well updated with the latest fashion trends, but also values traditional weave, and collects old samples for research base. It did not take long for C of H to earn support from the wide apparel community.

C of H
Add. 1-1123-6-1F Tomoe-cho Kiryu City Gunma JAPAN
Tel&Fax. +81-277-46-1738
Email. tks68oasis@yahoo.co.jp


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